Our Irish Cream Barrel Brand is coming back soon

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Irish Cream Barrel Brand coming back soon

It's never too early to prepare for St. Patrick's Day. And what better way to celebrate than to infuse the classic flavors of Irish Coffee into the bean itself? Coming back soon is one of our most popular specialty coffees: Irish Cream Whiskey Barrel Brand. 

Our Irish Cream Barrel Brand Coffee is made up of Peruvian Arabica coffee beans and crafted by aging green coffee beans in freshly poured whiskey barrels from our friends at Albany Distilling Co

The green coffee is slowly poured into the barrel and they steep for almost a month before being dried and sent to our roaster.

There’s no alcohol content to this coffee, but the beans are packed full with the flavor and distinct aroma from the aging process. With notes of vanilla, caramel, and cream, our Irish Cream Barrel Brand Coffee is the perfect seasonal brew. 

Roasted to the perfect medium shade, you'll get the flavor of a classic Irish Coffee without the nasty hangover.

Stay tuned to find out when this product is available! Until then, make some Irish Coffee to hold you over. Trust us, this recipe is good.

This product will be available for a limited time and exclusively in whole bean.

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