5 ways moms react when kids interrupt their coffee break

By Death Wish Coffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


It is a scientific fact that coffee is important. For many moms, it's *extremely* important. That one cup of filtered caffeine bliss could represent everything from making it through a long and exhausting day to a little break in the midst of chaos. That's why when you interrupt this moment, it's serious and the reaction you're going to get is, well, not good. 

1. "I hear you saying the word 'mom' but no one that lives in this house goes by that name."


2. "You think that your need for breakfast is more important than this cup of coffee.... cute."


3. "Wait, wait... wait... Okay now you can speak."



 4. "I know we have to go just...one... more .... sip."


 5. "There are many things I will let go of. This coffee is not one of them."

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