Death Wish Coffee Goes to Infinity Con

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Photo: Ashleigh Abreu

Our friends over at FanboysInc put together an incredible Comic Con in Upstate NY for Comic lovers near and far. We were lucky to be a part of the action.


We created tiny Death Wish Coffee super heroes!


We met the original Black Power Ranger, Walter Emanual Jones, and Dustin even got a chance to host the Power Ranger panel with David Yost (blue ranger), and Karen Ashley (yellow ranger) for FanboysInc. Check out a preview here.


There was a PERFECT model of the Mystery Machine.





This uncanny Marty McFly was really digging the future of coffee. 


Our friend Ming Chen from AMC's Comic Book Men hung out all weekend. Check out a Podcast from the event here.


And Mike met HACKSAW Jim Duggan! Hoooo!


 Lenn Oddity wanted us to staple a Death Wish sticker to his head. How could we say no?

Photo: Ashleigh Abreu


Special thanks to Ron Mars, DW, The Incredible Jeff, and everyone else who took the time to come out for the fun. 

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