Indonesia is using 'ghosts' to scare people into staying inside — and it's working

By Death Wish Coffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Stay inside unless you want to be scared sh*tless by these 'ghosts'

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Saturday may mark it being officially halfway to Halloween, but things are getting pretty scary in Indonesia where they have reports of ghosts walking the streets.

A person dressed up in black and white as a ghost in Indonesia
Photo: Indy100 and Adhietya Saputra

“Indonesia's leaders including President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) have been slow to react to the coronavirus pandemic and resisting a national lockdown," Indy100 reports. "The capital Jakarta has ordered a two-week closure of offices, and banned gatherings of more than five people but has not directly ordered people to stay at home, as reported by VOA.”

Since there haven't been direct orders to keep people at home, some communities have decided "to take matters into their own (washed) hands,” according to the article. 

Indonesians love horror and the folklore that surrounds the many tales of ghosts. A youth group decided to use volunteer ghosts, or Pocong, to patrol the streets, in hopes of keeping people eat home. Pocong are “shroud ghosts” who represent the souls of the dead and jump out from graves to warn people that the soul needs to be released from the shroud in which it Is buried.

These “scare tactics” are working, as the surprise Pocong patrols have sent people running inside to avoid seeing or coming in contact with a ghost.



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