I want all of this custom-made rockwear and trust me, you will, too

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By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

What do Chris Jericho, GWAR, Taylor Swift Band and Wednesday 13 all have in common? Besides all being at opposite ends of each other on the spectrum of sound, they’ve all had clothing customized by Kylla (pronounced KILL-ah) Custom Rockwear and these aren’t typical threads found just anywhere.

Kylla Custom Rock Wear is a self-made gig by metal maven Kim Dylla, whose clothing is crafted out of her love for the genre and the lure of a show, according to The Daily Progress. Dylla designs and sew all of this by hand with the help of her sewing assistant, Loryn.

With a quick peak at the ready-to-wear items, onlookers will catch an eyeful of handmade, one of a kind pieces with zero wait time, minus shipping, of course. Vests, jackets, dresses and boot covers can be yours for the taking if these custom rocker styles scratch that wearable unique itch you’ve been dreaming of. Imagine the looks on people’s faces when you show up to a wedding, to your tattoo artist’s shop or rolling out of the bed of a dingy hotel room after a wild night of partying wearing these custom-made clothes. Who’s the badass now?

If you’d prefer to truly live life on the edge and do your own thing, custom pieces are made to order and most have a 2- to 3-month turnaround time. Kyllah Custom Rockwear can accommodate tours/shows/TV tapings/photo and video shoot deadlines, with reasonable notice, so communication is key.

There isn’t a storefront for purveyors to gawk over, but the sewing studio in Charlottesville, Virginia is available for in-person fittings. Contact them here to schedule one when you’re ready to stand out from everyone else.

Angela Garrity is a guest blogger for Death Wish Coffee Co. Her work can be found in Vapun Magazine as well as on their website.


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