Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds trolled each other for National Coffee Day

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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds spent National Coffee Day trolling each other, because of course

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds both took aim at each other all in good jest for National Coffee Day and we couldn’t be happier. A bromance between the two actors seems to be blooming, as interactions on Instagram are becoming more frequent.

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman stand next to each other on the red carpet
Photo source: Vanity Fair

The two have been reportedly engaged in a fake feud ever since Reynolds began pushing Jackman to show up as Wolverine in the Deadpool films. Jackman refused, and they've been going after each other in various ways ever since, according to Comic Book

Jackman posted this video on Instagram that shows Reynolds trying a cup of Jackman's Laughing Man coffee and showing off its effects on his pearly whites.

Laughing Man teeth-whitening coffee isn’t even a real thing but how funny would it be if that were true? Would want to be ‘chomping at the bit’ to enjoy a cup of your favorite stuff that also made your teeth shiny? This is an example of taking things too far. 

Also, are those even Ryan Reynolds’ actual teeth? 

Jackman owns Laughing Man Coffee and Reynolds owns Aviation Gin. Sometimes, they will post nice things about other, but mostly they prefer to troll each other’s various beverage businesses.

Sometimes, fans and even other celebrites join in on the trolling, too. 

Nathan Fillion commented on the post with “My stock in Laughing Man Coffee just plummeted. Any idea why?” 

We love the relationship between Jackman and Reynolds and hope it continues - Even if means we’ll never see the actors’ Marvel characters sharing an actual film. 

Hopefully you celebrated National Coffee Day by dreaming up the seemingly impossible

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