First Look: Our Flag Day mug illustration with Lady Liberty

By Thomas Dragonette — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

A Look Into The Creative Process For Our 2019 Flag Day Mug

Sketch and final illustration of Death Wish's skeletal Lady Liberty

A lot of things go into consideration when we decide what mugs we are going to commit to each year and this year was no different. 

We shut ourselves in a room and started scribbling down subjects, ideas, holidays and random ideas that we thought would make an interesting and collectible piece of pottery. After reviewing our list and looking at past releases, we noticed a glaring issue — we need more women on our mugs.

We've since made strides, like on our winter 2018 mug set and for more mugs planned this year (hint hint). But when I was designing this mug, I thought of my mom — a strong, independent, hardworking, dedicated woman in my life.

This summer, we are releasing our Flag Day Design with Lady Liberty herself. For me, I couldn't  think of a more fitting person to represent us than her. At a time when our nation is more about self than it is about lending a hand to others, and building strong communities that support each other — she is a symbol of acceptance, hope, and inspiration for me and millions of others.

Final Death Wish Coffee skeletal Lady Liberty seal

Her likeness is illustrated with the torch and crown while her face and arm are replaced by a skeleton to show the mortality of freedom and just how fragile it is. This summer, let's not take these gifts for granted. Let us lift our mugs in unity to the sky in celebration of each other and this great land we collectively call home. 

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