How to brew Death Wish Coffee Instant Coffee

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Brew Death Wish Instant Coffee in 3 steps 

Death Wish Coffee Instant Coffee can travel with you wherever you go — whether it's traveling for the holidays, camping, tailgating, or avoiding small talk around the office coffee maker. 

Death Wish Instant Coffee is available now. Get yours here.

A close up of spoon full of Death Wish Instant Coffee

Our Instant Coffee packs 300 mg per packet, without sacrificing the smooth, bold taste of Death Wish Coffee. Plus, it's super easy to make — in an instant, you could have a fresh, hot cup of steaming coffee. 

Here's how to make Death Wish Instant Coffee:

  1. Tear open and pour packet contents into mug
  2. Heat up 8 ounces* water or milk to 170-degrees Fahrenheit 
  3. Stir and enjoy! 

*Add full stick to water or milk. For the best taste and strength, use 8 ounces of water/milk.

And just like that, you can have your cup of coffee, no frills. Just pour, mix, and go.

Full instructional video below. 

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