How pro wrestler Colin Delaney came up with the idea for Pop Roc

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

"People should have a place where they can get together"

Pop Roc in Rochester, New York isn't your average comic book shop. Here, you can dive through tons of different cultural treasures alongside Saturday morning cartoons, video games, caffeinated cocktails, and cereal that's served ALL DAY. Your childhood dreams have come true.

The shop is owned by professional wrestler Colin Delaney, known as the Extremely Cute Wrestler. He still wrestles, but recently joined Jeff and Dustin on Fueled by Death Cast to talk about his new business. 

"What made us come up with this was the fact that all the comic book stores or toy stores around here aren't like this. There, you go in, you get your stuff, and you leave, right?" Colin said in his interview. "[People] should have a place where they can get together with similar, like-minded people and enjoy these things, so we've tried to create that, I guess."

Colin wanted to be a wrestler for as long as he can remember. He's formerly wrestled for World Wrestling Entertainment under the ECW brand, and he's done tones of other independent and international circuits. He even recently invented a new wrestling move — no big deal. 

Watch the clip below to learn more about Pop Roc in Rochester and how it came to be, and you can listen to his full Fueled by Death Cast interview here.  

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