This hoodie is made from coffee grounds and plastic bottles

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Coalatree turns coffee grounds and plastic bottles into clothing

If drinking coffee religiously every day isn't enough for you, you can now wear coffee grounds on you daily thanks to a Utah apparel company. 

Photos from Coalatree

Coalatree, founded in 2010, is making hoodies using recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles. The hoodie won't let you absorb coffee through your skin (dammit) but these hoodies are helping with sustainability efforts. Plus, they look comfortable and stylish.

This hoodie is called the Evolution Hoodie, and it's made of fiber derived from three cups of recycled coffee grounds and 10 plastic bottles. Used coffee grounds are mixed and melted with recycled plastic bottles then extruded into fibers to create the hoodie. 

The process requires minimal resources and uses sustainable technologies such as solar power and gray water recycling. 

We all know that drinking coffee has a number of benefits, but so does wearing it. 

"Coffee is a naturally odor-absorbing material and by weaving the grounds into the fibers, odors are trapped as you sweat," J.M. Fabrizi, the company's marketing manager, said in an interview with Forbes. "Because the grounds are embedded into the fabric, this feature is permanent and will never wash out."

Coffee is naturally moisture-wicking, so the hoodie dries quickly, according to the company.

So, there you go — drink coffee in the morning, turn your coffee grounds into clothing at night. 

They're selling for $69 through an Indiegogo campaign, and expected to ship to backers in September. The company is also producing hiking socks. 

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