Home Brewing Versus the Café Life

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

How often are you buying coffee on-the-go?

 If it’s more than once or twice a week, you could be spending too much- on both time and money!


 We all know eating out can get expensive, and most of us make an effort to limit it as much as possible. It’s easy to track the amount of money you lose when eating out, but what about with coffee? Let’s use our coffee, for example:  A one-pound bag of Death Wish coffee costs around $19.

On average, one pound yields around 25 cups of coffee. That’s less than a dollar a cup, even with shipping.

 That’s less than you’d spend at your local coffee shop, by almost HALF. Keep in mind that you’d have to drink double or even triple the amount of their coffee to give you the rush that one cup of Death Wish would! Plus you know what you're getting your taste buds into every time when you drink at home! Unlike some of the unfortunate coffee shop choices.

Here’s a tip:  

 Refrigerate extra brewed coffee in a container for iced coffee later. Who says coffee is just for drinking? Try making some Death Wish coffee desserts or perhaps to repair some furniture with the grinds.


We understand how valuable time is, especially in the morning! It seems like those few minutes lying in bed before getting up are the most precious of all. Grabbing coffee on the go may seem like the fastest thing to do when rushing to get out of the house in the morning, but how much time are you really spending? Whether you take the time to park and go into a shop or wait in a drive-thru line, time is not on your side. When we’re looking for coffee fast, we use our single-serve Death Cups. These are compatible with most single-serve machines and they brew in just seconds.


So go ahead, enjoy those extra few minutes in bed tomorrow morning. Throw a few bucks in the ol’ piggy bank. We think the best part of the day comes right after coffee.


Why not make it the first part of your day, every day?

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