Yer a wizard: Take free online classes from Hogwarts. Yes, Hogwarts.

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Take free online courses from Hogwarts Is Here

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

If you’ve ever dreamed of joining the alumni at Hogwarts, now you can without an acceptance letter required. Best of all, these classes are free for Muggles, Half-Bloods and Pure Bloods, alike.

A photo of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Harry Potter World and Universal Studios

The Oprah Magazine gave details on Hogwarts is Here, a Harry Potter social network created by die-hard fans in 2014. After making an account, the website allows members to take the very same classes attended by the Golden Trio, inspired by J.K. Rowling's legendary book series.

"A group of creative, passionate Harry Potter fans got together and built an online wizarding world social network where thousands of fans can come together online," the site says. "It's Real for Us — and it'll feel real to you, too. Welcome to Hogwarts is Here."

The site is full of magical interactive activities, and you can communicate with fellow fans in your Hogwarts House dorm, venture out to Hogsmeade, or head over to the Quidditch pitch.

There are new places to venture for groups and roleplays, online classes to enroll for and even a library for a bit of light reading. Defense Against the Dark Arts, anyone? 

More magic awaits at Hogwarts is Here, but as Helena Ravenclaw says, “If you have to ask, you'll never know. If you know, you need only ask.”

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