Here's who won our signed space mugs and more

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

This week's winners...

Space Oddity t-shirt, signed Space mug, and coffee

We're still so super excited to think that there are people in space drinking Death Wish Coffee. So, we made a bunch of t-shirts with our Space Oddity logo on them to share the excitement. Before we release these later this month, we ran a giveaway for three lucky people to win the shirt, a super-rare Space Mug signed by the astronaut, Nicole Stott, and a pound of Death Wish Coffee. The winners are Joas Caballero, Emily Cole, and Olin Williamson! 

Free Coffee for a month + a 2018 mug

A week doesn't go by without shipping out a month's supply of coffee and a handcrafted mug to one lucky coffee fiend. Winning free coffee for a month and a handmade mug sound good to you? You can enter to win here. This week's lucky winner is Brady Haggard. 

How to win a Death Wish Hockey Jersey

We're making our first-ever Death Wish Coffee hockey jersey because how else are you supposed to rep your favorite team? Before we release the hockey jerseys to everyone, we're giving three away and you can enter to score one below. 

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