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Summer 2019 merchandise coming soon

Summer is here which means we're spending our free time sipping on cold brew and floating away from all of our problems. At HQ, though, we've been busy coming up with tons of cool merchandise for you guys. 

We've spent the last few months reading Facebook comments, Instagram messages, and more to gather ideas for upcoming merch. You asked, we listened. 

We're releasing tons of cool merch this summer and throughout the rest of the year, and all of these ideas started because of an idea from you. So if you have an awesome idea for merchandise, give us a shout! 

Death Wish Coffee Zippo

We’re constantly asked about it is if we can do a Zippo — and we finally have a good answer for you. Our first-ever Death Wish Coffee branded Zippo is coming soon. This brass Zippo includes our skull and crossbones logo and a black finish. These will be very limited, so stay tuned for the release! In the meantime, sign up below for a chance to win one of your own!


Subscriber Only Mug

This mug will ONLY be released to our coffee subscribers (not to be confused with email subscribers). This means you get an auto shipment of coffee on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly basis. So if you want this mug, you should become a subscriber by going here. Only 2,500 mugs are available. 

Valhalla Java Canister

Since we've released a Death Wish Coffee canister, we've received a lot of requests for a Valhalla Java canister. Praise Odin! A Valhalla Java canister is coming soon, keeping your coffee so fresh that it'll be Zakk Wylde approved.

Women's Leggings 

No matter if you're hitting the gym, going for a walk, or simply lounging on the couch, you can rep the world's strongest coffee. These leggings are black and the perfect material for working out. Stay tuned for product photos!

Death Wish Boxers

Underpants! These black boxers will be your Saturday morning best friend as you sip on Death Wish Coffee in your living room. Because who doesn't like drinking coffee with no pants on? Stay tuned for product photos!

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