Here's what we're releasing in September — and pumpkin coffee is BACK

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September 2020 Death Wish Coffee deals, releases, and more

So, tomorrow is September. Yes, September. The mornings here in Upstate New York are starting to feel crispier, and we’re sipping on Cauldron-Aged Pumpkin Coffee with no regrets whatsoever.

Even though we technically have a few weeks of summer left, it’s becoming more and more apparent that fall is right around the corner — and we have some awesome releases coming in September to celebrate.

Here’s a first look at what we’re releasing this month. New logo T-shirts

Our new logo T-shirts are anything but basic tees — and there might even be a surprise that goes along with it. You’ll have to wait and see to find out exactly what they look like. 

Black Death Wish Battle of Saratoga Mug

Labor Day Weekend Releases and Deals

Labor Day weekend is next weekend, so sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee — you’ve earned it. To celebrate, all weekend we’ll be doing various deals, including:

  • Battle of Saratoga Golden Ticket contest — with a surprise twist
  • Saturday, Sept. 5: Letterman Jacket and Windbreaker SALE 
  • Sunday, Sept. 6: Reaper Hoodie, King of Coffee, Fueled by Death Wish Long-sleeve T-shirt SALE
  • Monday, Sept. 7: Duffel bag and cooler SALE, plus a free Lady Liberty collectible coin in every order
Death Wish "Leaf Me Alone" t-shirt

Leaf Me Alone T-shirt

Is there really anything better than drinking coffee alone while no one talks to you? Nope, and that’s exactly what this T-shirt says. This fall-inspired shirt (with a fantastic pun, btw) is about to be your fall fashion statement — and it also tells people to “leaf you alone” without you having to even speak a word. 

Blue Death Wish Battle of Saratoga Mug

Battle of Saratoga Mug

Saratoga Springs, New York is our hometown, and we wanted to do something special to celebrate it. Crafted by hand to commemorate the 1777 Battle of Saratoga, this design was inspired by the renowned battle that proved a crucial turning point during the American Revolutionary War. We’ll be donating a portion of the sales from this mug to the Saratoga County Veterans Trust Fund to help local veterans in need.

Death Wish Coffee Bloom women's cropped hoodie

National Coffee Day sale and new hoodie

September is low-key our favorite month because it includes National Coffee Day — enough said. To celebrate, we’ll be having a sale that day on various merch, and releasing new hoodies and other pieces of merch as well. The above image shows our cropped women's hoodie, but check back for more information about the men's hoodie and unisex long sleeve that will also be released this day!


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