Here's a look at our next diner mug sets

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Win our next holiday-themed diner mug sets

This holiday season, give the gift of your honest opinion. Our latest diner mug sets feature brutally honest sayings to scare off your coworkers, boss, and even your family.

In the spirit of the holidays, we're taking it one step further to crossing the line with holiday-themed sets — because it's rude to tell your loud, opinionated aunt how you really feel, so better to leave it to your coffee mug do the talking. 

With phrases like, "Meet me under the mistletoe...and bring coffee", these mugs make one thing clear to your loved ones. That warm, fuzzy feeling that comes up around the holidays is fueled by coffee (and the magic of Christmas, I guess). 


And as this year comes to a close, you have a moment to look back at all you've accomplished and experienced in 2018. It truly is a wonderful life...after coffee. 

Whether you have a full list of new year's resolutions, or are just hoping to continue your "never killed anyone" streak, the new year is guaranteed to bring so many new adventures. May every opportunity and challenge you face be faced with coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. 

Full product details:

Each set contains two ceramic mugs (Items not sold separately)
Each mug is 14 ounces
Durable mugs made in the USA
Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe

Coming soon. 

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