Want to have a better morning? Start with coffee, obviously.

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50% of adults "can't" have a good morning without coffee

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

According to Study Finds, half of American adults report they “can’t” have a good morning without at least one cup of coffee. People who drink four or more cups of coffee were less likely to be depressed, as compared than those who had never drank it, according to HuffPost.

A white mug of coffee that says "Life Begins After Coffee" sits on a kitchen table

Want to have a better day? Then it is really a no brainer that kick-starting the day with coffee is a must, no matter if you're a self-proclaimed early bird or night owl. 

Early birds and night owls are old sayings used to divide sleep schedules into two categories, according to Manta Sleep. Bye-bye birdies. There are four classifications of wake/sleep cycles known as chronotypes. Chronotypes describe the periods when your body wants to sleep and when it wants to be awake.

To make it easier, the chronotype categories are named after animals – bear, lion, wolf and dolphin. (Find your chronotype here.)  No matter where you fall in the chronotype animal kingdom, everyone should all start the day off the same way – by being caffeinated.

Hand over the coffee or someone is getting hurt.

It is also important to note that four in five Americans that were polled in the study also believe their initial cup of coffee is essential to staying positive and productive throughout the day.

No coffee, no wakey. These are the rules when speaking about the elixir of life that can seamlessly raise the dead.

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