Ghosts in our backyard

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The birthplace of Death Wish Coffee, as well as where our new headquarters are, is in beautiful Saratoga Springs, New York. Famous for its mineral springs and horse racing, Saratoga is also deeply rooted in the history of our nation, and throughout the years a few spooky sites have appeared in this Upstate New York town.

Here are some of the most haunted places in our hometown:

Canfield Casino

This gorgeous old building is a must-see for anyone visiting the area, as it is also home to the Saratoga History Museum. The casino was originally opened in 1870 and thrived as an elegant hotspot for the town's elite—until the anti-gambling movements of 1907 forced it to close.

The building is widely considered to be one of the most haunted places in the area, with multiple sightings and experiences reported on the third floor. That entire floor is furnished with historical artifacts from the Walworth family. Rueben, the father, was Chancellor of New York from 1828 - 1847, and his son Mansfield was abusive to his daughter-in-law Ellen, and then Mansfield was murdered by their son Frank. Creepy stuff for sure.

There have been strange occurrences seen by many patrons and staff, such as the smell of cigar smoke, moving objects, and the image of a woman dressed in a Victorian era gown. In 2007, a volunteer tour guide was approached by the Victorian woman who asked a question, and then disappeared into thin air.

Even the TV Show Ghost Hunters came to the casino in 2010, and reported strange electromagnetic field readings and one person in the Ghost Hunters group had their hair pulled during their investigation.

Yaddo Gardens

This beautiful spot is located near the famous Saratoga Race Course and today is an artist retreat, with the grounds converted into public gardens during the spring and summer. Many weddings and prom photos happen in this picturesque spot, I even proposed to my wife there!

The land that Yaddo sits upon is said to have been the site of numerous Native American battles and it is even credited as the spot where Edgar Allan Poe came up with 'The Raven', as many authors and artists frequented the site over the years including Sylvia Plath and Truman Capote.

Spencer and Katrina Trask bought the place in 1881 after the death of their first child, and tragedy continued to strike the family. They lost three more children in two years, and Spencer ultimately died of a car crash in 1902.

Echoes of children's laughter—and even a ghostly child-like apparition appearing near the pond on the premises—have been reported. Also a woman in white, possibly Katrina herself, has been sighted in the house, which isn't open to the public. Upon visiting the area, you can tour the gorgeous gardens alone, or drop in on one of the haunted tours held there.

Saratoga Battlefield

The battles that took place on these fields in 1777 became the turning point for the American Revolution, and the British General John Burgoyne became the first officer of the British Empire to surrender on a field of battle.

But many soldiers on both sides lost their lives during the bloody battles that transpired, and that can be a gruesome recipe for paranormal activity.

Colonial cannon on the Saratoga Battlefield

Unearthly green lights, the distant sounds of horses and battalions of soldiers have been heard, and even voices from beyond the grave have been reported on the battlefield for years.

The Saratoga Battlefield and Historical National Park is located in Stillwater NY, just south of Saratoga Springs and is open from 9-5 everyday to the public. You can go on self-guided tours, both walking and driving, and learn more about the events that happened there. The site is on the banks of the Hudson River and is especially beautiful in the fall.

The Adelphi Hotel

First opened in 1877, The Adelphi Hotel was one of the crown jewels of the Old Saratoga and hotspot for visitors to the area. Recently it has been fully restored to its former beauty, and even if you don't stay the night you can visit the hotel and eat at one of it's restaurants.

Facade of The Adelphi Hotel

Ghostly activity has been reported by guests and hotel staff for years, especially with sightings of a woman in a blue Victorian gown. John "old Smoke" Morrissey who opened up the nearby Canfield Casino is also reported to haunt the halls, as he passed away in the hotel. Plus, the fourth floor specifically is said to be a hotspot for paranormal activity.

The Olde Bryan Inn

Alexander Bryan was a Revolutionary War hero and in 1825 he built the stone part of the restaurant structure that was his home. The Olde Bryan Inn today is a favorite local spot and is open for lunch and dinner, and has been a haunted spot for years.

Facade of The Olde Bryan Inn

The 'Lady in Green' is the most reported sighting in the building, an elderly woman in a green Victorian era gown who haunts the premises but is said to be very nice to those who encounter her.

A green dress was discovered in the attic of the restaurant and belonged to a lady named Beatrice who lived at the residence, and is thought to be the famous Lady in Green.

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