Happy National Cold Brew Day!

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Celebrate National Cold Brew Day by getting high on our cold brew supply

By Sophia Abbasi, Social Media Manager

It's National Cold Brew day (yes, on 4/20), and we're celebrating with the craziest ways to drink a Death Wish Coffee cold brew. 

Four black cold brew cans sit on a burlap sack covered in coffee beans

It's not just a craze — it dates back to centuries. The method of being brewed longer (beans are ground, then soaked for hours, steeped for more than 12 hours to the ultimate, smooth taste) makes it the only option for drinking your coffee cold (iced coffee is for the weak). 

So, of course, we had to come out with our own, with more caffeine than other cold brews. We asked our fans the craziest way to drink our cold brew (we did some ourselves), and the results were bat s*** crazy. 

That time Will from Marketing crashed a team meeting by chugging a cold brew because he felt like it. 

Will from Marketing cold brew chug

Upside down, while right side up? That's how Jeff likes to drink it.

The Aquaman (actually Aquawoman), where you drink a cold brew while pouring one over your head. It may seem wasteful, but the caffeine still makes it in your hair follicles and pores, so it's still a win.


The Vertical Long pour done by our warehouse team.


And a move that two-time Olympic American figure skater Johnny Weir would approve. 


How are you celebrating today? Snap a video showing how you're fueling up for National Cold Brew day with the World's Strongest Cold Brew. 

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