HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Here's what we're releasing in December

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Products coming in December 2019

The holiday season is officially here, which means holiday releases are just around the corner. For your Christmas wish list, you might as well print this blog out — it has everything you'll want.

This month, we're releasing sweet treats, outerwear, a sweater, and more to get you ready for the holiday season. Here's a sneak peak of what we're releasing below. 

A photo of the black Death Wish Christmas Sweater for winter 2019. It includes our skull and crossbones logo

Death Wish Ugly Sweater

There really isn't anything ugly about this sweater, in my opinion. This Death Wish Coffee ugly sweater features our skull and crossbones logo, Krampus, and tons of other fine details. Another bonus? It's. so. comfortable. 

Buy one, get one FREE Death Wish + Valhalla Java 2019 Mugs

What's better than drinking out of one mug? Double fisting out of two. We're continuing our Black Friday deal throughout the month of December to spread the caffeinated cheer. 

A male wearing a black and red Death Wish Coffee tubular bandana

Tubular bandana

This Death Wish tubular bandana is a great winter accessory for skiing, motorcycle riding, or just shoveling the driveway. You can wear this bandana dozens of ways including as a facemask, a headband, or a neck gaiter — THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! Seriously, there are like 30 of ways to wear this. 

A picture of Death Wish chocolate bars sitting on a table. Some are wrapped in red foil, and others show our skull and crossbones logo on the wrapper.

Chocolate bars

Ethereal Confections has been working hard on new products for us — including our recently released Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. You might remember them from when we released our chocolate bar last year (or our Irish Cream bar). This time, they're back with three — that's right, three — different chocolate bar flavors: our original Death Wish Coffee Chocolate Bar, Cookies and Cream, and Peppermint Mocha. All of these dark chocolate flavors are made with Death Wish Coffee and trust us, they're good.

A black and white Death Wish Coffee stocking with a skull and crossbones logo hangs in a Christmas tree.


Hang this stocking by the chimney with care, and hope that Saint Nicholas will fill it with coffee. 

2019 Winter mug: Krampus

You better watch out, because Krampus is the last thing you want to see coming to town. This mug represents the legend of Krampus — and includes his horns, fangs, and sticks to punish those who have been bad during the year. If there’s any reason to be good, it’s to keep Krampus away. Or don’t, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Stay tuned for the full glaze reveal on this!


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