Working out with these weights will make you feel like Thor wielding Mjolnir

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Acme Sledgeworks handmakes badass fitness weights

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

There’s a company that is motivating me into actually unleashing my berserk side through their various collections of custom weights and truly live like a badass. When categories include the likes of sledgehammers, maces, and knuckles, feel free to scream while holding these bad mofos in the air just like your ancestors did. You can also work on gains with these in hand from the nearest corner on a gym mat.

Two side-by-side black and white photos of two men holding large hammer-shaped weights
Photos: @acmesledgeworks on Instagram.  

To help you unleash your inner Viking, Acme Sledgeworks creates handmade fitness weights that will make you feel like a badass. Acme Sledgeworks reforms rebar into weights that resemble those created by gods and are lifted by warriors. Wanna feel like Thor? Because you'll feel like Thor.

“I have my first hammer ever made,” Ruddy said in a recent Gear Patrol interview. “I’ve had it for almost twelve years. It will probably break the person before the person breaks it.”

Since 2016, Mark Ruddy of Acme Sledgeworks has been handcrafting unique weights by molding recycled rebar into forms we don’t typically think of when picturing modern exercise equipment, like maces and sledgehammers. Today, Ruddy’s beautifully functional creations could pass as props in Game of Thrones. 

Each weight is handmade and takes about five days to weld, saw, mold and pour to bequeath the requestor a single piece. These pieces will kick your ass before you break one, so don’t be gentle with them. Swing them, throw them, lift them – they are forged to withstand the tests of time.

Winter is coming – let’s go get ripped.

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