Here's a first look at our double-sided 2019 Halloween mug

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Halloween Mug 

Dr. Jekyll created a secret elixir so he could at will could change into his alter ego, Mr. Hyde Soon, he found himself becoming more and more absorbed by his evil personality, needing more and more potion to control who he was — before permanently becoming Mr. Hyde.

A side by side photo of a double-sided purple and green mug that shows Jekyll and Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are represented on our Halloween mug — which is double sided. This double sided mug is the first-of-its-kind for both Death Wish Coffee, making it that much more special.

It's complete with a purple and green glaze and holds 12+ ounces of your favorite potion. One side has a purple glaze backfill, and the other has a green backfill. 

When you drink your morning elixir out of this double-sided mug, will you drink it for good or evil? 

Stay tuned for more details on this mug, including a release date, price, and more. Only 4,000 of this mug were made.


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