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Wake up and smell the coffee. 

On the surface, floral design might not sound like the most labor intensive job but that's probably because you've never seen it from the inside. All of those weddings, special occasions, restaurants etc. that are made visually appealing because a designer came in and created an environment with the environment. Colie Collen is an artist based in upstate New York who saw a way to contribute to her community by using the resources already there and making something beautiful. 


 On why she started:

"I'm the kind of person, who would rather just have one of something that I really love, than have five of something that is just okay. The way that I've gotten into floral design ... I just started making things, which was kind of awkward, but worked."

On her biggest struggles

"Because I was never trained as a floral designer by anybody, it recently occurred to me the other day, like, "I wonder if the people that I went to college with think I'm wasting my education by being a florist." Suddenly I got this panic attack, like, "Do people think I'm doing a dumb thing?" But running your own business takes all the parts of your brain."

On how it works: 

"I start everything in trays in my kitchen, and then it moves to a closet that has fluorescent lights on shelves, which is just an efficient way. It's how I've grown vegetable seedlings, too, over the years. That's been an important part of my business."



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