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By Megan Dority — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

The Grim Reaper is making a listand checking it twice 

Knock out all of your holiday shopping early this year while saving time and money with our 2020 gift guide. Remember, all online orders should be made by ASAP in order to get the goods by Christmas. 

Hand holding a bag of Death Wish Coffee in front of Christmas tree branches


The Great Explorer Death Wish gift bundle

The Great Explorer

Exploring the great outdoors (or just your backyard these days) requires the right equipment—including coffee, obviously. This bundle is perfect for the explorer in your life—whether that's your significant other, friend, family member, or yourself. Inspire them to get out there and get brewing, even if it just means hiding in the backyard from the rest of the family.

Death Wish's Zoom Conference Ready gift bundle

Zoom Conference Ready

No matter if your kids are attending virtual college classes or if your partners haven't been to the office since March, they could desperately use a wardrobe change—seriously, they’ve been wearing the same old sweatshirt for months now. Our Zoom Conference Ready bundle will make them look like they’re ready to go—even if they just rolled out of bed. 

Death Wish's The Couch Surfer bundle

The Couch Surfer

Introducing our Couch Surfer bundle—for your friend or family member who is always posting from a different location on Instagram. Send them on their way with the World’s Strongest Coffee so they’re always ready to go, even after a sh*tty night's sleep on an old couch.


Death Wish's The Work from Homer gift bundle

The Work from Homer

This black polo is a wardrobe staple, especially for those who’ve been working from home since March. The subtle Death Wish Coffee logo stitched so delicately on the front will turn heads, even on a Zoom call. Pair it with some Death Wish Coffee Skull Socks, and this WFH-er will bring a new meaning to business on top and party on the bottom.  

Death Wish's Get Lit gift bundle

Get Lit

Make the holidays a little less stressful with our limited-edition Harvester of Souls Zippo and Morning Ritual Candle. An awesome gift for your cousin who has a tendency of toking up before the holiday dinneryour grill-master uncle who always burns the turkeyor your yogi aunt who brings the Zen. The candle is a blend of the most delicious spices and the world’s strongest roasted beans, making it the perfect holiday centerpiece. Better yet, the customizable candle box makes it an easy gift to give someone in need of a morning pick-me-up, or give it to yourself as a proclamation for getting sh*t done.  

Death Wish Coffee Starter Pack gift bundle

Death Wish Coffee Starter Pack

Sick of your friends complaining that their coffee isn’t strong enough? Yeah, us too. Give them the gift they really want this year—strong coffee and badass merch to match. Our Death Wish Coffee Starter Pack contains the fuel your loved ones need to take on even their busiest days. 


New Era Hats, Three Styles from Death Wish

New Era Flex Fit Hat

The hat that’s fit for the adventurer in your life—or if you just don’t know what to get your sister’s new boyfriend for Christmas. Our Death Wish Coffee New Era Fitted Hat leaves little wiggle room for BS—literally. With a stretch-fit closure, this hat is perfect for any adventure, even if it’s simply sneaking away from the relatives as soon as the dinner table convo turns political.

New Era Snapback Hat

Our iconic New Era snapback hat is the perfect hat for hiding—and an even more perfect gift for your brother who's struggling to mask his hangover Christmas morning. 

New Era Parent Hat

Dad's can never have enough hats, am I right? Our latest dad hat isn't just for dads, but you're encouraged to make as many dad jokes as you want while wearing it. Our new Death Wish Coffee New Era Adjustable Hat is the perfect companion for those who don't feel like doing their hair (aka everyone). 

Death Wish's The Fitness Freak gift bundle

The Fitness Freak

We all know that one person who spends all her free time at the gym. And while she's busy lifting weights, the only thing we’re lifting are our filled-to-the-brim coffee mugs. Give her the motivation she needs to keep flexing with our Fitness Freak bundle—not that she actually needs the motivation.  

Death Wish's The Day Tripper gift bundle

The Day Tripper

The perfect gift for your flight risk friend who had to cancel every trip this year. Whether they’re dreaming of their next big vacay or hiking that mountain in their backyard and pretending it’s the Swiss Alps, we’ve got the essentials for the day trippers in this bundle.



Death Wish Chocolate Covered Beans

For the One Who Enjoys Edibles

Chocolate-covered coffee beans—the perfect treat for your cousin who loves edibles. They might not be magical beans, but they’re pretty damn close. A kick of caffeine chased by chocolate is just what the doctor ordered to awaken anyone from a holiday food coma.

Man wearing a Viking helmet, holding a Death Wish Das Horn

For the Viking

The Das Horn is here for all the Vikings in your life. The ceramic top is perfect for hot coffee, and the horn attachment is ideal for cold beverages. Plus, the strap makes it perfect for a Viking on the go. 

Death Wish face mask: "Coffee Breath Face Coverer"

For the Conscious Coffee-r

Coffee breath? Fuh-get-about it. Wave bad breath buh-bye with our coffee breath cover. One of the best parts about wearing a mask? Saying whatever the f*ck you want around the holiday dinner table without anyone knowing it’s you. A great gift for that special someone who could use a filter every now and then.

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**All online orders must be placed by December 18, 2020 in order to receive the goods by Christmas! 

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