It's Goblin Day, according to John Goblikon from Nekrogoblikon

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Happy Goblin Day! 

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

John Goblikon from Nekrogoblikon declared December 28 “Goblin Day” in this Tweet earlier this month. When the goblin speaks, it is best to answer that call “RIGHT NOW!”

A screenshot of John Goblikon from the metal band Nekrogoblikon in a green goblin costume

The legend that surrounds goblins can be dug up, likely in a mountain somewhere, in European folklore. These mischievous and greedy beings relish in causing trouble for humans. They love to snatch up high valued items such as gold and jewelry.

First recorded in the 14th century, in English, as goblin, with many variations of spellings associated, these creatures were named after a devilish fiend thought to haunt the countryside of Normandy and popularized in tales during the Middle Ages.

Humanity’s innate coveting for all things goblin can be found hidden in many cherished pop-culture places. Movies like Labyrinth, The Black Cauldron and Legend, the villains Hobgoblin, New Goblin and The Green Goblin in comics, fantasy settings such as the J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, running Gringott’s bank in Harry Potter books, musical namesakes such as Nekrogoblikon and Goblin and battling gamers in Dungeons & Dragons, Warcraft, Runescape, Final Fantasy and Magic: the Gathering — all have been snatched up by Goblin lore.



Goblins have inspired us so much, that there are even destinations that adorn their namesake. Goblin Valley State Park in Utah and Goblin Bay in Ontario, Canada.

There is even a minor planet in our outer solar system, 2015 TG387, which carries the nickname of “The Goblin.” Whoever would’ve guessed the mythology of legendary tricksters could ever leave Earth? Apparently, the joke is on us, after all.

How will you spend Goblin Day? For us, we will be right here, dressed as goblins, likely watching Labyrinth and dreaming of traveling Middle Earth. Don’t mind us.

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