10 Gift Notes That'll Make You Rethink Holiday Cheer [EXPLICIT]

By Caiden Tuller — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

When I think about the holidays, I always get the warm n’ fuzzies. I can’t help it! The cheer and excitement that everyone seems to share for just a short month or two are contagious. Even the scroogiest of Scrooges can’t help themselves.

This year, we incorporated the ability to send gift notes (you can try it out on any product!) and I had the opportunity to review a few holiday cards that really spoke to me and embodied who we are, and who we’re proud to caffeinate.

Scroll below to see some of the funniest and best ones from the bunch. Be warned, the contents of these notes were not intended for the youth or weak hearted. 


When asking nicely stops working, name-calling picks up the slack:


To self. From self:


Tell it like it is, son:


I'm a genie in a brewer, baybeh:


Must love kids:


Get your Sh*t together, J-Dawg:


Coffee makes me more attractive. FACT:


My, my, my, my, my boogie shoes:


If you don’t drink it, I will:

And last, but not least...If the coffee doesn’t work, a little obscenity and love should do it:


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