Our content manager spent a weekend in the woods. Here's what happened

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

There are a few things I need to preface before getting into the nitty gritty details of this blog: 1) I have never camped a day in my life and 2) I'm a very go, go, go kind of person. I love being outdoors and always played a sport growing up, but I never dedicated time to immerse myself in nature. My family isn't really the outdoorsy type unless there's a football involved.

I was given the opportunity through my job at Death Wish to finally do that this weekend. I stayed in a Getaway house in the middle of New Hampshire — and if you haven't heard of them, prepare to be amazed. 

Nestled in Epsom State Forest in Epsom, New Hampshire, these minimalistic cabins offer simple escapes to nature (you might have heard of their Shark Tank pitch). And for someone who has never camped before, it was the perfect way to ease into it.

Waking up to a window that opens up to the forest and drinking coffee was probably the most relaxed I've felt ever. They provide a kettle for your favorite pour over method (we brought a French Press with us), a kitchenette, a cozy bed, and a fully functional bathroom. There were miles and miles of hiking trails around us, and we didn't let the rain get us down (thank you, water-resistant Death Wish windbreaker).

If you get anxious at all like I do, or if you're just looking for a reason to get away from it all, this is it! They even offer a cellphone lockbox so you can really, truly disconnect. For anyone looking for an authentic getaway, this is the way to do it. They have locations in New Hampshire, Catskill, NY, and Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

To sum it up, my friend Sarah and I had a fantastic time, and would easily do it again. Thanks to Getaway for having us!

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