For these employees, their love of Death Wish started before they worked here

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Meet our employees who started as fans of Death Wish

Death Wish Coffee is an ever-growing family of caffeinated, dedicated people from all types of backgrounds. Some employees have been here since day one, others are relatively new, some found job listings just by chance, and others have years of experience in their field. No matter where we all started, we come together to produce the world's strongest coffee — and we have a hell of a time doing it. 

There are some employees who loved Death Wish before they even started working here. These now employees depended on us to wake them up and get them through their days — and now their days are spent at our office or in our warehouse. Fate? I think so. 

Meet the four employees of Death Wish Coffee who were already members of our caffeinated community before they started working here. 

Mathias Tyler

Before Mathias started working at Death Wish, he worked in the restaurant business for 25 years. He first heard about our coffee around 2014 when he saw someone wearing one of our hoodies, and the rest is history. 

"I went home. I Googled it, found it and a week later, had it mailed and that was it, done," Mathias said in a Fueled by Death Cast episode. "That first bag of Death Wish, man, it blew me away."

He then became a member of the Official Death Wish Coffee Community before eventually seeing a job posting on our website. Now, he's a grinder and member of our production team and has been here about a year. 

"I was so stoked." Mathias said about getting a job here. "Oh my god. Just walking around, the smell of the place, it was phenomenal. I mean, I'll never forget it."

Learn more about Mathias here

Cristian Almodovar

Cristian has been working here for a few months, but he's been a fan for about five years after finding us on Amazon. 

"I had just started college at the time and I was looking for strong coffee to help me out so obviously I had to try the world’s strongest," he said. 

Years later, he found a job posting and realized the production facility wasn't too far from where he lives. He had another job at the time, but had to "jump at the possibility of working here." Now, he's a member of our amazing production team. 

"My favorite part is knowing that I can help other people get their caffeine fix so they can get up and do the awesome stuff they do," Cristian said. 

CJ De Luca

CJ De Luca started out at Death Wish Coffee Company on the production floor about two years ago. Now his job has changed drastically, as he is learning and working to help get the company SQF Certified. 

Before that, CJ heard about Death Wish was bartending when he tried the first Death Wish IPA, and then he saw Death Wish Coffee at Old Saratoga Brewing where he picked up a shirt, a mug, and the IPA tankard. He was hooked from there.

After he saw a job listing, he applied and was hired for the production team before being put in charge of quality control and making our facility SQF certified. 

"It's awesome to be able to work for a company that you actually believe in," CJ said in his Fueled by Death Cast interview. "I can't remember the last time I had a job I was like, 'I'm excited to go to work!'"

Jeff Ayers

Jeff Ayers is our host of Fueled by Death Cast, and he probably drinks more coffee than anyone in the office. Before working at Death Wish, he worked at Skidmore College for 11 years. He heard about us when some of his closest friends started working here.

"Some of my oldest friends starting working for this little start up company, and as I saw it grow I was in awe of the passion behind the brand," Jeff said. "I started working 'with' Death Wish by introducing them to the comic book and podcasting industries, never once thinking I would one day become a full time member of this team. It is still surreal that I get to work my dream job for a brand and a company a fully believe in."

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