Here's a sneak peak at our upcoming coffee truck

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Where do you want to see the Death Wish Coffee truck? 

We're planning to hit the road in our brand new Death Wish Coffee truck. This massive 32-foot-long branded truck can be taken anywhere around the country and has everything you can think of: A kitchen to brew up different coffee drinks, a serving window, and a matte black finish that shows it's literally fueled by death. 

You won't be able to miss it — this truck is decked out with our logo, a warning sign, and more, allowing us to bring Death Wish Coffee Co. around the country. Members of our team took a trip down to Philly to take a look at this beauty, which will be up and running before you know it. 

An almost-finished view of the truck. It'll be completely done soon!

We'll be able to take this bad boy around the country carrying coffee, merchandise, and more, and offering some amazing deals. If you happen to see the coffee truck on the road, send us a picture! Use the hashtag #FueledByDeath and you'll be entered to win free coffee for a YEAR. That's a lot of coffee, people. 

While we're waiting for the finishing touches before we can hit the road, we need your help. Where do you want to see the Death Wish Coffee truck? Fill out the form below to give us suggestions.

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