Unboxing our first-ever handmade mug hooks

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Death Wish Coffee mug hooks available now

At Death Wish Coffee, we're always trying to come up with unique products that you all will appreciate, from coffee and mugs to T-shirts and merch, a lot of thought goes in to each and every item we sell on our website. 

A few months ago, our art director Thomas Dragonette came up with a product that would change how people display our collectible Deneen pottery mugs — mug hooks. 

Like a lot of ideas, it started with a sketch. This is what the first sketch of our mug hook looked like from Thomas.


We then had the conception of the mugs done by graphic artist and sought-after sculptor Paul Harding after we sent him the sketch. Paul Harding has created works of art, action figures, statues and more for companies like DC Collectibles, Marvel, and Sideshow Collectibles

After going through some different concepts and ideas, this was the sketch for the final design.


This was the final mug hook digital rendering from Paul Harding, which was eventually turned into a 3-D resin sculpture and sent to Crosby and Taylor, a small, family-owned metal working business in Oregon.

We've worked with both artists before — Crosby and Taylor did our first-ever pewter coffee scoop (which sold for $36.99). Deborah Chapman, the owner of Crosby and Taylor, created a mold out of Harding's sculpture, poured pewter into the mold, and casted it to get the final product. 

The final product is nothing short of beautiful — it's in the shape of a skeleton finger, has our skull and crossbones logo, and tons of fine detail. And it's extremely durable for any of your favorite mugs. 

Available now! Get your mug hooks here.

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