Meet Sean, the First Person to Ever Purchase Medium Roast

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Veteran, Heart-Attack Survivor, First Person to Ever Purchase Medium Roast

You may not expect one of the world's biggest Death Wish Coffee fans to be a heart-attack survivor. But, when it comes to Sean Lynch, there's so much more than meets the eye.

The straight-laced businessman is a Desert Shield/Desert Storm veteran, and maybe the world's biggest Death Wish Coffee fan.

Despite a heart attack in 2018, Lynch still fuels up with DWC daily, and he's happy to report, "I am paying attention to my heart and health, and everything is going fine."

Which is why—to those who know him—it's no surprise that Sean was the very first person to purchase Death Wish Coffee's new Medium Roast. From daily cups with his children to a Death Wish Coffee mug collection that would make founder Mike Brown jealous, there's so much more than meets the eye.

Sean Lynch first Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast Purchaser

Interview With Sean Lynch

Death Wish Coffee (DWC): Congrats on being the first person to ever purchase Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast. How did your love affair with Death Wish Coffee begin?
Sean: Back in September of 2015, I was talking with someone about coffee, and we both wondered, “What's the world's strongest coffee?” So I Googled “world’s strongest coffee.” The top of the search list was Death Wish Coffee. I have a sarcastic sense of humor, so the name struck a funny bone. I thought, “If you wanted strong coffee, why not call it Death Wish?”

DWC: What was your first purchase?
Sean: On October 1, 2015, I ordered a 10-pack of [Death Cups]. I amazingly still have that email...Why? I have no idea.

DWC: So what'd you think when you first tried the Dark Roast?
Sean: My friends were all drinking Starbucks or coffee from a local coffee shop. All of that was bitter, harsh, and acidic. But when I drank my first cup of Death Wish [Coffee], I thought, “Wow, that's the smoothest cup of coffee I've had in a long time.” Almost everybody I've shared Death Wish [Coffee] with has said the same thing.

DWC: Are you a caffeine junkie? Do you drink coffee all day?
Sean: Caffeine really doesn't affect me so much. During college, I could drink Mountain Dew and go right to bed. I make one pot of coffee a day and share that with my son. If my daughters come over, I make a second pot.

DWC: What was your reaction when you heard about the new Medium Roast?
Sean: Being in my 50s, I want to try new and different things. So I was curious. I really thought it would be a nice addition to the brand and a nice flavor change to the dark roast.

signed bag of Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast

DWC: How does it feel knowing you are the first person to ever purchase the Medium Roast?
Sean: Getting to be the first one brought back the old concept of getting on a rotary phone and trying to be the first caller into a radio station to win a prize. Before the Medium Roast was released, I was listening to the [Spill the Beans on Facebook Live]. They said there might be a special thing if you were the first one to buy it. So while I was working, I refreshed the sales page every few minutes. Once the button to purchase showed up, I put in my order. I didn't think I would be the first one because I hadn't refreshed the page in a while.

DWC: Now that you have it, what do you think of the Medium Roast?
Sean: I really like it. Both of my daughters really like it too. They are bigger coffee drinkers than I am. The flavor is mellow, smooth, and unique. I will alternate the Medium Roast and Dark Roast day to day, depending on my mood. With two great roasts, why be limited?

DWC: You have a pretty robust coffee mug collection. Tell us about it.
Sean: You get in your 50s and you figure, “I want to do something quirky,” and collecting mugs is harmless enough. On my shelf, I have 14 mugs, and I have about half a dozen upstairs. I try to collect the ones that are collectibles with numbers on the bottom. I figure, if you collect something, you want to collect something that someone would want when you don't want it anymore.

Death Wish Coffee mug collection

The Raven [Nevermore mug] was my first one. I liked the mug, how it's made—Deneen Pottery does a really good job. I ordered the mug before my heart attack. [Editor's note: More on that below.] It's my favorite for two reasons. I originally bought it because of the Baltimore tie. I've lived in Baltimore since 1994, and Edgar Allan Poe is from Baltimore, and of course we have the Ravens.

Then the mug arrived while I was in the hospital prepping for quadruple coronary bypass surgery. You know, I was close to death, Death Wish—all the connections really fell together. I keep the mug at the front of my display.

DWC: Are any other mugs particular favorites?
Sean: I really like what Death Wish Coffee does, especially the times they carve out mug proceeds for Veterans groups. I am a veteran of Desert Shield/Storm in 1990-91. I am all for supporting businesses that support the military.

DWC: Enough about coffee—you survived a heart attack! What happened?
Sean: I had a mild heart attack in September of 2018. My right coronary artery was completely blocked and four other arteries were essentially 60 percent blocked. The heart is a wonderful machine. Extra vessels had grown to compensate for the blocked right coronary artery, and my heart attack and the resulting damage was very mild. I am healthy now and continuing to enjoy life, my grandkids, everything.

DWC: Besides coffee and coffee mugs, what else is important to you?
Sean: I have four grown children, all of which are in college right now, and two grandchildren. My wife and I will celebrate our 34th anniversary this coming summer. I am an IT security professional, currently in the area of IT security policy and compliance. I am on the board of directors for a youth sports league. I also just graduated with a masters and plan to start a doctorate program this coming fall so that once I'm done with this rat race, I can teach other people how to work in the rat race. For fun, it is grandkids, sci-fi, and doing my own car repairs when I can. I am also active in my church, supporting the church network, teaching, and security.

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