Death Wish Father's Day Giveaway ($500+ Value) [WINNER]

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Death Wish Father's Day Giveaway

For the second consecutive year, one strong, incredible Dad will be rewarded for all their hard work. This year, we teamed up with the World's Toughest Coffeemaker: the OxxBoxx single serve brewer for a grand prize like no other! One deserving father will win:

One Oxx CoffeeBoxx ($299 value)
100 Death Cups, the World's Strongest Single Serve Cups ($159 value)
Oxx x Death Wish Coffee Carrying Case ($49.99)
Oxx x Death Wish Coffee Mug ($24.99)



Thank you to all the fathers who submitted to win an Oxx Coffeeboxx and 100 Death Cups, it was a hard choice, but the winner is here!


Dear Death Wish Coffee,

When I heard about this contest, I knew that it was one that I just could not pass up! There are a couple of reasons for my enthusiasm, in no particular order, 1) My husband LOVES Death Wish coffee! (I think it may be bordering on a dependency, but I’ll worry about that later) and 2) He is the most amazing father/husband my children and I could ever hope for!

Let me tell you a little about the man in our lives. Jake is a caring, giving and loving father and husband. He does his best to be there for his kids whenever and as much as he can. This sometimes means working the graveyard shift and sleeping for a bit while the kids are in school so that he can help with homework and spend quality time with us. He loves to play board games with the kids, takes our daughter to softball practice when I can’t, does his best to be at every game or event they are in and when he’s home for bedtime he also reads to our 6 yr. old son. If he’s home on the weekends we like to pack a picnic lunch, pile in the car and head out on the road, just to see where the road takes us.  He teaches the kids to explore the world, be themselves and push past any obstacle in their way. He guides them through life by opening the world to them, he encourages them to try new things and experiences on their own but also letting them know that he will be there, only a few steps away to help them up and dust them off, if, and when they stumble.

Jake is an amazingly hard worker. We made the decision a while ago that it would better suit our family if I stayed at home to be with the kids. This was not an easy decision as we are not independently wealthy by any means. My husband does not have a degree that enables him to negotiate his wages or easily climb the corporate ladder. He is an EMT and volunteer firefighter. He is a hero to not only us, but to many that will never even know his name. He works fulltime for Life Flight as an EMT, which in and of itself can be an exhausting job.  But, he also works three part-time jobs to help our family stay afloat, those being, a part-time sales rep for an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer foods, a private contractor First Aid/CPR instructor and does medical standbys for a local concert and event center. These are just his full and part-time jobs. He is also a volunteer firefighter, like previously stated, he serves as a city councilman, and is a member of the local Masonic Lodge. Then, after all of that, he still finds time to help me out around the house with the seemingly endless list of things that need repair, replaced or just general household projects.  Needless to say, Death Wish Coffee is his best friend, other than me of course.
Some may read this and think that there is no way that a man who is so busy could possibly have time to spend with his family, but he somehow makes time. And he makes that time feel like the most important time in his life. He has been known to clear his calendar for an evening or afternoon if the kids or I feel that we just need to spend a little extra time with him. I cannot even begin to tell you how much it would mean to the kids and I if, you, his favorite coffee company, would honor him this Father’s Day with this amazing gift. Thank you for your consideration.

A Very Humbled Wife and Kids

Mandy Mokler and Children: Katie, Alex and Kody (Not Pictured)"


Thanks for all your submissions, we are so lucky to have such amazing fathers and families in our community. 


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