Farmer Tim Biello Wants You To Rethink Where Your Food Comes From | #GrindItOut

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

When you open your fridge, do you know where that food comes from? That’s the question that farmer, Tim Biello is trying to answer. He’s a modern farmer with an old school work ethic. He’s up coffee in hand well before the sun rises every morning to tend to his farm full of fresh vegetables. His mission? To make farm fresh food accessible to his community in a new and exciting way. Between the business, the actual work and his family, you would think it might not be an easy choice to make a living in this way but for Tim, it's a calling. 


On the work: 

"For the first six months of the year it was 90 hour weeks. 70 on the farm, 20 with my farm job and that's not like cooking, cleaning, spending time with my kids, my wife. I wouldn't want to keep that up forever, but it's a startup. It started up just crazy, and so, I love it, and even on those days where it's stressful, you gotta stick it out." 


On why farming is his calling: 

"I think it's important for a whole variety of reasons, I mean one just from a very personal perspective like people have to eat every single day. [Farming] is something that, allows you to be more connected to not only where your food comes from but how it's connected to this bigger landscape you live in and your community of people."


On why the grind is worth it: 

"I like being here. I like my life. I don't just work hard, I also work hard in a place that I think is beautiful. So it's a lot of hard work on my end, but it's also work for my members then, they make the commitment to us like we make one to them to having them actually come and be a part of getting their food and seeing the farm and being there for the whole year is sort of the way we're trying to enliven or bring back that idea of being a community supporting a farm and being a part of a farm."


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