Fall is here and you can find me jumping into the closest pile of leaves

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Fall is officially here and we're about it

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

It’s no secret that we love Autumn and the changes that it brings. Have you ever thought about what makes us dive headfirst into this time of year?

It’s leaves, people, and we are obsessed with being in gigantic piles of them.

A man's shoes are shown standing on orange and red leaves

Piles of leaves are not safe from adults, children or animals. We hide in them, we jump in them, we slide in them. Sometimes we win and sometimes we fail – epically.

These are the memories that last a lifetime and the moments that stay with us forever. Make them count.

Piles of leaves can be filled with things we’d like to not think about while we’re trying to just enjoy the moment. Mold, ticks, sticks, rakes all pose a danger to safety and should always be proceed with caution when nearing in on an unfamiliar pile of foliage. Practice Safe Leaf Jumping, and all should be well.

Before you rid the yard of the piles of fun, you might consider ‘leaving them’ this year. NPR reports that 8 million tons of leaves wind up in landfills. Also, the fallen foliage acts as naturally occurring yard vitamins when mulched. That means a better yard next Spring.

Burning leaves also isn’t the best option, either. In an article on BobVila.com, the home improvement guru warns against it saying, “Burning leaves unleashes hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide into the air. This troublesome trio creates additional ground-level ozone above the earth’s surface, a toxic gas that can damage sensitive ecosystems and negatively impact crops and wildlife within them.”

Perhaps hold off on igniting anything that once flourished with life, Firestarter. There are better ways to cope with temporary lawn insanity.

Jump in those piles of leaves, instead. It’s a seasonal pleasure that everyone can enjoy for just a short time this season.

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