Everything You Need to Know About Coffee

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


If you learn one thing from us let it be this: coffee knowledge is not useless knowledge. It can be used for many things. For instance, telling someone that in fact, coffee is not dehydrating when they're explaining their detox to you is a great party trick. Or how about when you're standing at the coffee machine in your office and someone walks over and you mention to them that the first web cam was invented to watch the coffee machine and make sure it was never empty. BAM. Below read some of the top things you should know about coffee but you may have never heard before. 

1. Coffee won't dehydrate you. 

While many people think that coffee is a diuretic, recent studies have shown that this isn't the case. Unless you are consuming over 700 mg of caffeine per day, the bodies liquid output is as same as the input. 

2. The coffee belt isn't a belt made out of coffee. 

A coffee belt probably exists somewhere in the world (let us know), the coffee belt actually refers to the area near the equator where coffee can be grown. It's basically an imaginary line that shows the regions in each continent in which coffee is grown. 

3. The roast of the coffee has little to do with the amount of caffeine. 

Death Wish Coffee is a dark roast and it is the World's Strongest, but one doesn't beget the other. You will get more caffeine in your brew because of the types of beans and the coffee to water ratio. 

4. Coffee is actually part of a fruit. 

Coffee is grown on a bush, inside of a berry. Go ahead and count it as fruit. 

5. Coffee bloom has nothing to do with a plant.  

Letting your coffee bloom is one of the biggest secrets in creating the perfect cup. Coffee retains carbon dioxide when it is roasted. When it is ground, the beans release the gas and when hot water is poured on it the gasses release even quicker. The bloom is the result of this and is important because the flavor is trapped in the carbon dioxide gasses. 

6. Cold brew coffee is less acidic. 

Cold brew coffee is made using fresh, filtered cold water under 40 degrees. Because there is no hot water, the oils that make the coffee acidic are not pulled through. 

7. You can overdose on caffeine. 

While it is a fact that you can overdose on caffeine, it would take about 100 cups of coffee for this to happen. 


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