See how our chocolate maker used our coffee to stain wood in their new space

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Ethereal Confections renovating 100-year-old space to expand business

The maker of Death Wish Coffee chocolate bars, Ethereal Confections out of Illinois, have been busy renovating a 100-year-old space near their current location to make room to make delicious new chocolate concoctions. Is your mouth watering yet? 

Michael Ervin, owner of Ethereal Confections, said the renovations will allow Ethereal Confections to expand its cafe menu with more farm-to-table options, to control the temperature of their kitchen without affecting the temperature of the cafe, and to add more chocolate-making equipment — meaning they'll be able to offer new products down the line. They're also opening an event space on the second floor and a speakeasy in the basement. Sign me up. 

During renovations, they've noticed the new wood that went into the stairwells, ceilings, and other areas didn't match the original 100-year-old wood in the building. Their answer? After conducting some tests to see how to best match the original wood, they decided coffee was the answer (because coffee is always the answer).

Yep, they decided to stain the wood with Death Wish Coffee. 

"We first did some tests using Death Wish coffee brewed in the standard way. It was a little too dark (not enough tannins) to match the wood, so we tempered that by adding brewed black tea," Ervin said. "Then, we added one small drop of hydrogen peroxide for the stain to take best."

Here's how they did it: 

  1. Mix it all up! We ended up with a jug full of coffee/tea. We brushed it on and also used a spray bottle to get in tight spaces.
  2. After the stain dried, they used citric acid as a wash on top to clean it up, darken it slightly and even it out in a few places.
  3. During this step, the wood was sealed.
  4. Mission accomplished! You can't tell the difference between the new and old wood. A bigger, badder, caffeinated building.

Using coffee to stain wood is a great way to get a natural-looking, dark color. Looking to try it out for yourself? Here's a great way to do it. 

Read this for more information on Ethereal Confections and their renovations.

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