Embrace the Geek: Celebrate your fandoms today

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

Geeks generally flock together because of their shared love of the unpopular or a quality they hold that makes them unique. Today, we celebrate the underdog in all of us because it’s Embrace Your Geekness Day.

There’s no shame in being passionate about anything we’re into, as these are the things that make us who we are. By definition, a geek is completely obsessed with one or more subjects and can speak fluently on it for hours, sounding like a walking encyclopedia of geeky facts. However, one size does not fit all to be a geek. One doesn’t have to simply be into role-playing games, comic book, larping, cosplay, computers, or whatever the case may be to make them a geek - we’re looking straight at you, avid mug collector. 

Geekdom brings people together, whether they’re sharing their love of a mutual fandom, or talking about their individual fandoms to inspire others to check it out, they love the community. Some of the most amazing costuming and tech gadgets have been put together by people inspired by the shows, stories, and games that they love. That’s the power of being in touch with your imagination, and that’s what Embrace Your Geekness Day is all about. Being a geek is pretty cool these days, actually.

Don’t bury your fandom away to let it sit there unloved. Today is the day to get out into the world and wear your favorite shows t-shirt, talk to your friends about the stuff you love, maybe even try an art project. 

May you find that geeky love of your dreams. Embrace Your Geekness Day reminds us that we’re not alone in our Geekness, and the world is a better place for our bright showing of imagination, creativity, and pride. Now get out there and get your geek on!

If you like to join other fellow die-hard Geeks, join the Geeked by Death Facebook group where we celebrate and support whatever geeky thing we’re into.

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