This coffee drink has an egg in it

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

This Korean-inspired drinks adds an entire egg yolk

If you think drinking anything other than black coffee is out there, you better sit down for this one. This popular Korean-inspired drink adds an entire egg yolk to a cup of coffee. 

Photo by @girl.onaplane on Instagram

Adding egg to your cup of Joe isn't too far off from adding milk. Similar to using milk or creamer, egg yolk is mixed into coffee to add creamy richness to the beverage.

Want to try it? Egg coffee is made by warming an egg in hot water, straining the yolk from the egg whites, and whisking the yolk into your freshly-brewed coffee. You can take the yolky beverage further like this coffee shop, Round K, does by topping it off with hand-whipped cream and some cocoa powder. Egg-celent.

While egg yolk coffee is suddenly a weird trendy thing to do, it's not all that new. Variations of this drink have existed for some time through Vietnam and all the way to Norway. 

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