Death Wish Coffee Co Linking With National Fulfillment Center to Ship Faster, Better Than Ever

By Michael Brown — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Starting on July 1st, Death Wish Coffee Company will be shipping its orders from professional fulfillment center, National Fulfillment Services. This move will facilitate order processing, eliminate packing mistakes, and cut down shipping time for their customers.

The search for the perfect fulfillment center began in January. After collecting information from potential distributors, the Death Wish team decided to do more in depth research in person. Coffee specialists Teah and Eric set out to NYC and Pennsylvania to find a trustworthy facility. After half a year of traveling and paperwork, National Fulfillment Center stood out as the best option.

“At first we were hesitant about a fulfillment center. We were worried about the freshness of our coffee”, Teah says. “That’s why we chose such a close facility. We’re able to roast, ship, and send coffee to NFS within two days. In turn, they can ship to our customers much faster than we can. There will be no compromise on freshness. We know that they will do a great job. We’re a six person company, and it’s important for us to focus on what we know- which is coffee. We’re excited to put our best foot forward.”

With 45+ years of experience, food grade NFS is large enough to get the job done. It’s still family owned and run, which gives Death Wish peace of mind. “I’m looking forward to a successful venture. We’re going to do a great job for you” says Tom Krueger, Vice President of National Fulfillment.

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