What's going on at Death Wish HQ?

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Death Wish Headquarters Exposed

For almost two years, Kristen has been managing the Death Wish Coffee office. You can find her organizing employee events, paying bills, writing blogs, and most importantly, brewing coffee for the crew on a daily basis. 

In this What’s Brewing at HQ series, Kristen tells the world what’s going on behind the scenes at Death Wish Coffee Headquarters.

Returning from the Easter holiday, the office has been hyped up on endless pots of coffee to get us back into the swing of things preparing for the week.

Here are a few things our departments are working on this week.

Business Development:

We’ve just signed on for our first food tradeshow, EVER. Our first appearance will be at the Kehe Tradeshow in Chicago. This is a crazy exciting time for us to bring what we have to the table. We plan on doing more in-store demos and events with our brand-new truck in the making. If you want to see us in a coffee shop near you, now is the time to let us know! 


We’re moving into many new retail locations including Walmart in the weeks and months to come. Along with a store locator in the process, we’ve got a new shipper program underway.


We’ve implemented a new program to manage our marketing needs better and have hired a new Content Manager. She’ll be joining us on Monday. The introduction will be made in next week’s update! For those of you who have reached out about a mobile app, your wish is our command. We’ve got something in the works and will bring it to you as soon as we can. 


We’re booked out through May with new exciting guests. (always accepting suggestions as well) With new technology, we’re amped up for the shows to come. We’ll be fueling the Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s tour, so keep an eye out! 

Customer Service:

We have increased our shipping zones and have been able to reach more with these great services. We’re now working on looking into different shipping options so we can meet the needs of everyone. More to come on that!

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