Today is National Dress Your Pet Day

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National Dress your pet day is January 14

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day and to celebrate, we want to see those funny photos of cat and dog shaming at its best. Humans can’t seem to resist getting too much enjoyment from putting clothes on them. We are totally guilty of this, and likely the reason to hate us for a few minutes, but hey — it’s both functional in winter for keeping them warm and too damn funny for us to see and the same time.

A side by side collage of two photos. The left shows a brown dog in a coffee costume, and the right shows a black cat in a coffee cup mask.
Photo Sources: Cutesy Pooh and Etsy

BBC explains that this isn’t a new trend, as ancient Greek armies would put leather boots on the feet of their horses to protect them against the snow. 

Take the day to enjoy the chance to showcase your creative talent, but also make it a social occasion. Pet lovers are encouraged to join in to celebrate their best buddies and meet new friends by unleashing your pet’s inner fashionista.

While some are happy to don a snazzy jumper or a winter coat, not everyone will be content to trot around the park in a biker jacket or go for a walk dressed as a Bouncer or even camo fatigues.

The pet clothing market is divided between “practical” and “indulgent,” however, no matter what side of the scale you choose for Fluffy, there are important points to consider when choosing clothing for them. All pet attire should be safe, comfortable for them to move about in and free of loose attachments.

Americans have no shame in dropping serious dough on our beloved pets – especially when it comes to dressing them up. According to MarketWatch, Americans were projected to spend $490 million on Halloween costumes alone for their pets in 2019, which is more than double what was spent on fashioning those fur babies in 2010.

We still do not fully understand exactly why we love to dress up our pets. In all fairness, we were the ones who were left unsupervised, right?

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