Death Wish Vodka expanding to Western New York and New York City

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Death Wish Vodka now has a website and store locator 

Death Wish Coffee Company and The Albany Distilling Company, Inc. will expand their Death Wish Coffee Vodka brand in New York State.

The expansion includes opening new markets in Western New York and New York City. A new website features a store locator to assist customers in finding local retailers and bars.

“The response to our first announcement was pretty overwhelming, but we were constrained by geography — that's one of the inherent drawbacks of social media,” said John Curtin, co-owner of Albany Distilling. “It goes everywhere in the world, which is wonderful, but it isn't super great when a product is only available locally.”

Released in 2016, Death Wish Coffee Vodka remains a uniquely Upstate New York product. It’s made with ALB vodka blended with cold-brewed Death Wish Coffee and a touch of cane sugar. Death Wish Coffee Vodka is one of the only flavored vodkas to use real coffee flavor.

There are over 200 retail locations currently selling Death Wish Coffee Vodka in New York State.

In addition to the anchor product Death Wish Coffee Vodka, a seasonal blend was created made with Death Wish Coffee holiday blend. A 50mL version of Death Wish Coffee Vodka is also available.

Death Wish Coffee has also collaborated with Albany Distilling to release a series of aged coffee beans infused with the flavors of rum and whiskey barrels.

This expansion also coincides with a $1 million ADCo Bar & Bottle Shop located in the historic Livingston Square in Albany, NY.

“Albany, like a lot of small cities, is seeing a bit of a renaissance,” Curtin said. “People are starting to re-urbanize, and we've got a beautiful, historic city that's been kind of limping along since the post-war suburban shift.”

If you live in New York State, you can find a retail location near you here.

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