Death Wish Snow Cones!

By Michael Brown — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Here in the Northern hemisphere of the world its winter and where we live, we've got a whole storm of snow coming our way. Whether you live in a snowy climate(can use real snow),  in a sun scorching one (use fake snow aka: shaved ice)  or somewhere in between a classic snow cone is always tasty. 

Don't worry...not like this:

We're about to get hit with a foot of snow so we figured it is perfect timing to make snow cones.


What you're gonna do:

1.Collect snow or crush up ice until it becomes snow

2.Keep it in a cold place!

3.Make coffee syrup

 a. 1 cup of strong coffee (Death Wish)

 b. 1/3 cup organic sugar

 c. 1/2 cup water

 d. 2 tbs rum or lemon juice

4.Boil syrup in small pan

5.Set in fridge to cool (until COLD)

6. Pour over Snow (or ice)


Sit back and enjoy! If you live in a warm climate or want to save for summer, store in the freezer and save it for later. Winter snow on a summer day is the best....especially when you add a little coffee!


Share to let us know how you liked your snow cone.


-Death Wish Coffee Co.


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