This class combines heavy metal music with lifting and it'll make you actually want to work out

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Deadlifts & Death Metal offered as a class in Melbourne, Australia

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

If you’re sick of the same workout routine and feel downright distraught over the idea of getting gains with people who don’t shred like you, maybe this place will change everything for the “heavier.”

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TimeOut reports that Deadlifts & Death Metal is a class offered by Directional Strength in Melbourne, Australia that combines heavy metal lifting and heavy metal music. Deadlifts and Death Metal founder and head instructor Elissa Jewell created the strength classes around her love of heavy music and around a shared interest of training and socializing.

Jewell’s an ace when it comes to these matters, as she is also a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist, and former competitive bodybuilder. She created Deadlifts & Death Metal after ten years of listening to clients tell her "they were sick of gym music.” We can’t say we blame them one bit.

Typical sessions begin much like any regular strength class, focusing on squats, shoulders or core strength — all under the savage sounds of brutal, heavy, and monstrously fast death metal music. After physically working your ass off, it is then finished up with a strong social element — such as a trip to the pub or even a meetup at a gig.

The class brings quite a diverse group, in case the name scared you off a bit.

"We get all sorts, not just metalheads, but people who just want to try something different," Jewell said. "I have people who have literally never picked up a barbell in their entire life training next to people who have been doing it for as long as I have. It’s about pushing yourself, not competing against others, and no one looks down on you for lifting a particular weight range. When it comes down it, we’re all nerds and misfits."

I’m going to need that trip to Australia now, please.

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