We went into the Disney Underworld: Take a look at our team costume for 2019

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Death Wish Coffee Team Halloween Costume 2019

You voted, we delivered. Earlier this month, we polled our customers on what they think we should be for Halloween. Dead Disney characters overwhelmingly was the winner. 

We didn't just do actual dead Disney characters like Mufasa, Grandma Coco, or Bambi's mom (RIP). We each did our own spin on some of our favorite characters, old and new. 

Take a look below at our costumes below — what's your favorite? 

Members of the Death Wish Coffee team dress up as dead Disney Characters for Halloween

Also, tune in to more Halloween madness this Wednesday at 7 p.m. EDT on Facebook Live for Fueled by Death Show. We'll be in costume for that, too. 

Caiden Tuller, Customer Relations Manager, as dead Woody from Toy Story

Will Critcher, Direct Marketing Specialist, as dead Ursula 

Teah Teriele, Marketing Manager, as dead Cruella de Vil 

Shannon Sweeney, Content Manager, as dead Kim Possible

Allison Feit, Customer Service Associate, as dead Cinderella 

Chelsea Battistelli, Executive Assistant, as dead Belle

Jeff Ayers, Broadcasting Manager, as a dead Jedi (since Disney literally owns everything, we'll allow it)

Thomas Dragonette, Art Director, as dead Walt Disney 


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