7 Reasons Everyone Should Date a Coffee Addict

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Coffee freaks have a lot of perks

I admit it. I have a love affair with coffee.   

I can’t function without it. It’s a necessity, a burst of energy in my veins, and quite frankly, I can’t get sh*t done without my mug in hand.  

So if you’re like me, why wouldn’t you use that “mug” of yours that sits between your shoulder blades and find a soulmate—aka coffee mate—that will add double the happiness (and exposure to caffeinated bliss) to your life. It’s a win-win.    

Here are 7 reasons (there are SO many more than that!) why everyone should date a coffee addict: 

1. It doesn't matter whether or not they're a morning person. If they have had their coffee, they're good to go.



2. You don't have to worry about asking to stop somewhere for a coffee. It WILL Happen. Their eyes are always looking around to see where they can get their fix.




3. Even if you don't like coffee, you will get to smell it brewing. 




4. Making their day is easy. Just bring them a coffee, just the way they like it.




5. They're very easy to buy for.  The best gift they can imagine? Try a bag full of coffee beans, ground, or cups. 




6. You never have to worry about whether or not they have coffee. THEY DO.




7. They have energy. For...activities. With their favorite coffee in hand and caffeine kickin’, they can do almost any activity and enjoy the moment with you. Because, well, COFFEE.







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