These custom guitar cabs are named after coffee and we're obsessed

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Get a custom guitar cab named after coffee

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

What’s better than a combination made specifically for you? Besides your coffee order, of course. It’s hard for us to imagine life outside of coffee, but musicians don’t necessarily have to separate the two.

{Photo: @custom_coffee_cabs on Instagram.

Fellow metalhead and recording engineer Glenn Fricker at Spectre Media Group wants viewers to tune into his beautiful and bold Coffee Custom Cabs. The creator of these guitar and bass cabinets serves up copious amounts of unique custom-made sorts, all named after favorite coffee concoctions. Consider us intrigued.

These speaker cabinets produce sound that a guitar or bass amplifier makes. Much like a home theatre system, speakers are attached to it, so one can hear the audio it produces.

In this video from the metal media maker, we are introduced to Lungo which is described by Spectre Sound Studios as ”One of the greatest guitar cabinets for metal I've ever played.”

Made from materials "designed to survive the apocalypse," options and colors are custom chosen by the keeper. The brand wants to give your rig its right to be heard.

Are you picturing it right now? Loud, in your face, customized and made in the Czech Republic just for you, VIP. Well, you’ll need to save up those beans to own a piece of your own rock and roll fantasy, as the Lungo alone will set owners back around $1,550. 

For musicians needing to keep costs under control because you have to keep bail money on hand for the band, look into the Classic. It’s a standard, low weight more affordable option priced around $980.00 US dollars.

While no one can guarantee your band’s name on the marquee playing Whisky a Go Go or making an appearance at Wacken Open Air, you’re sure to at least sound like a real rock god when you hear what’s coming out of this.

Live your best life like a true metal icon who once said: “We're here to make coffee metal, we will make everything metal, blacker than the blackest black times infinity." – Nathan Explosion

Angela Garrity is a guest blogger for Death Wish Coffee Co. Her work can be found in Vapun Magazine as well as on their website.

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