Be as miserable as you want today: It's National Curmudgeon Day

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January 29 is National Curmudgeon Day

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Sourpuss, grouch, battle-ax, killjoys are just a few nicknames for the cranky, foul-tempered people known as curmudgeons. If there weren’t already a million ways to piss them off, today we give them one more reason not to smile because it’s National Curmudgeons Day.


You don’t have to be grumpy to celebrate, but you are free to be as miserable as you’d like today. You can stay home and do nothing, attempt to make your favorite moper laugh (best of luck there, pal), or perhaps watch a movie or TV show that features a favorite grumbler.

Today is your oyster to whine, bitch, complain and moan about whatever displeases you the most, just be sure to make it count by putting your worst, crusty demeanor self out there to spoil the world with.

The day was chosen in honor of the ornery among us because it is the birthday of comedian, writer, and self-professed curmudgeon W.C. Fields whose outlook was, “Start every day off with a smile and get it over with," according to


Curmudgeons are some of the most loved personalities on Earth, even though they may not realize it. They are natural leaders, who harbor old souls and don’t side with popular opinions nor make easy choices. They’re fearless in the art of ruffling feathers and aren’t afraid to tell anyone precisely how the cow ate the cabbage. Curmudgeons consider themselves lonely arbiters of common sense – and sometimes, they are right.

They make great characters in books, movies and in real life, too. Simply look at Oscar the Grouch, Red Forman, Mr. Burns, Statler and Waldorf, Lucy Van Pelt and Ron Swanson if you need some insight into the standards of being a curmudgeon.

They do experience happiness and joy, but only those closest to them will get to see this side of them because sentimental emotions are introverted and not meant to be worn on their sleeves. Appreciate their great sense of humor, but please, stay off their lawn.


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