Why color is so important on our Deneen Mugs

By Thomas Dragonette — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Here's why we choose the colors we do.

A really long time ago (actually in 1666) this really smart English bloke you may have heard of, Sir Isaac Newton discovered that when pure white light passes through a prism, it separates into all of the visible colors of the spectrum. We're all familiar with them. They're the colors that make up those beautiful, vibrant rainbows we see during a warm, summer thunderstorm. But he also discovered that color is not inherent in objects. Instead, the surface of an object reflects some colors and absorbs all the others, leading us to believe that the object is actually that color. 

What's even more interesting to me is that those invisible waves of light can have a serious effect on how we perceive things and even how we feel or act at any given moment. We've all experienced this. There is a reason every sale sign in history is bright red, or why babies rooms are painted soft blues and greens. Because each wavelength of light affects our brains and how we feel differently.

Those same principles are kept in mind when we select the colors of our mugs. As much as I'd love to say we just throw a dart at a color wheel and BLAM! our decision is made, it's just not so. 

Similarly to the research of our designs, color selection undergoes the same amount of scrutiny. Except with color, it's a little more tricky. The freedom of illustration does not apply here. Yes, I hear you screaming at your screen right now, "Thomas, you jerk, the colors of the universe are endless! How can you say you don't have the same freedom!?" I'm glad you asked.

The glazing and firing process pose serious challenges when it comes to color. Certain colors don't perform as well under the heat or combined with a particular glaze, lose some of their characteristics. Further, remember that these colors are being slathered all over a porous material that increasingly changes the way light reflects off of said object and into your eyebawls. So a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration when we choose. 

All that aside, we strive to select a color that accentuates the design in the best way possible but also resonates with everyone as best as it can. You'll remember that everyone perceives color slightly different, and those difference in perception also cause people to react differently to what they are seeing. So what might be a home run to you, is likely to be seen as a dud to someone who has a destain towards a certain color. 

At the end of it all we really just try to pick colors that'll get you stoked for the story we are trying to tell, and also look pretty bitchin' gripped in your hand every morning.

Hit us up and let us know what color you would to see?

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