7 Fool-Proof Coffee Tricks That Make Work More Bearable

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

1. Smell Your Coffee (Often)

After introducing the smell of coffee to sleep deprived rats, scientists discovered that the freshly ground coffee stimulates stress-reducing chemicals in the brain. You have probably experienced something similar, although not as scientific, when brewing coffee at home. The smell of coffee traveling through your home is heavenly. Perhaps if you feel that you've had enough coffee for the day, bring a small bag of coffee grinds to smell when you're feeling particularly overwhelmed.

2. Every Time You Look at the Clock, Sip Your Coffee, then Water

It's a no brainier that work goes by more quickly when you're unaware of the time. It's too easy, though, to glance at the clock every time you think of it. From now on, when you glance at the clock, take a sip of your coffee, then a gulp of water. This will cause your brain to make a conscious effort to stop looking at the clock, while keeping you hydrated and caffeinated.

3. Wait for Work to Have your First Coffee

If you're a person that dreads getting to work, try rewarding yourself for simply being there. You might find that your brain correlates being at work with being caffeinated, and more so, happy. Chances are, you'll arrive at an earlier time and promote a better attitude.  

4. Time Your Tasks With Coffee

This is especially useful for those of you with projects that have to be broken down into parts. Break down the project into a manageable size part, then assign yourself a cup of coffee to that portion. Say, "I will get this part of the project done before I finish my coffee". Doing this will encourage you to work more diligently, while sipping rather slowly at your beverage. Sipping coffee slowly also prevents your body from becoming insensitive to caffeine. Win-win. 

5. Offer Your Coworkers Coffee

It might go without saying, but doing a nice gesture for someone will put yourself in a better mood. When you spend as much time with someone as you do with your coworkers, it really is important to maintain a friendly relationship (whether or not you would otherwise). Making a cup for yourself? Offer up one to the person next to you. It will go a long way.  

6. For Drastic Situations, Take a Coffee Nap

If you're having a particularly off day, and you're downright exhausted, try a coffee nap on your lunch break. Drink a cup of coffee (swiftly), then go take a 15 minute nap in your car. When you wake up, the caffeine will begin to affect your brain more so than coffee or a nap alone. 

7. Share this Article with Your Coworkers and Friends 

Pictured: The Death Wish Staff (good at coffee, not much at company photos)

If your coworkers were hip to these tricks, you'd probably have a better day, too! Thanks for reading.

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